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 Lost Soul

a novel

In this hauntingly stark and spiritually apocalyptic novel, Paul Moore Chaves has created a character of such depth that we have no choice but to confront ourselves in renowned psychotherapist Nicholas Moss. After allegations of sexual misconduct ruin his personal and professional life, Nick is detained and forced to labor inside Boyle Armory, a weapons manufacturing facility contracted by the Grand National Armed Coalition, where he is to arm opposing sides of a brewing Civil War between the People's Liberation Army and the established U.S. government. In this dark and deplorable space, Moss must find the spiritual strength to free himself—not only from his own darkness but from the oppressive military machine that holds him captive.

From the Illinois farm of Nick’s childhood to his rise to fame navigating high-society circles in the city of YorkTown emerges the story of a man desperately piecing together the memories of his broken past while confronting the brutal, terrifying, and unyielding setting he must now ultimately conquer. Transformative and overpowering in its intensity of emotion, Lost Soul speaks to finding hope for a modern American culture in decay.

Lost Soul a novel by Paul Moore Chaves
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A Poetic Incantation

Scott’s married to a woman he’s not in love with. Olivia’s married to a man she’s not in love with. They reunite over drinks and rekindle a connection that goes far deeper than the partners they’ve settled for. Willing to risk family, children, and marriage, Scott and Olivia must ultimately face their wounded egos, brought to life by a Greek chorus bent on sabotaging their vulnerability to each other.

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Pilot for Television

Two forty year old high powered executives, once lovers in college, now unhappily married to different partners, rediscover each other at the funeral of the friend who introduced them, and realize they’re still in love. Adapted from the stage play of the same name.

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Light of Atrion 

Animated Pilot for Television

In a racially segregated dystopian city, two militant teenagers are taught how to unite by a benevolent alien race who help them activate new powers inside of them which they use to battle the malevolent alien race that have targeted young boys and seized control of Earth.

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