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For those looking to experience the ancient metaphysical art learn from Master Paul, at Chaves' School of Qigong.


Book a personal deep dive into spiritual healing covering the ancient Taoist 5 element practice.

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For those seeking to deeply heal, the inner child is of the utmost importance.


Searching for someone to help make your idea come to life? Consult with me to see how we can tell your story.


Private QiGong

You will receive specialized attention, detailed explanations, spiritual support, and deep knowledge of forms and movements.

Private sessions are available in person or via zoom. Corporate workshops are available by reservation.

Book now and start learning the foundational basics that may inspire a daily or even a lifelong practice. To book a session please reach out directly below.

Private Sessions Start at:


Corporate Workshops Start at:


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5 Elements of Mind

A deep dive into the Five Elements can bring individuals great relief, grace, grounding, an expanded sense of awareness, and an integrated being. This method will fully and with great love nurture your reconnection to your soul.


Reservations require a minimum commitment of 6 months and will include 1 appointment per week. The 5 Elements will expose solutions to unwanted patterns, heal old wounds, and anchor into an awareness filled with the love and strength to face all conflicts.


This process will infuse and fully integrate the ego, intellect, body, emotions, and soul with the identity. Reservations are available in person or via zoom. To book a reservation please fill out the fields to the right.

Available by individual 6 Month Reservation starting at:


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5 Elements

Inner Child Guidance

Integrations will utilize meditative guidance for accessing and dialoguing with the inner child. This process requires a minimum commitment of 6 months with 1 appointment per week. Personal meditations and exercises are assigned weekly. Appointments available in person or via zoom. To book a reservation please fill out the fields below.

6 Month Reservations Start at


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Inner Child

Story Consultation

Honoring our personal story is an act of self love. We all have one to tell. I'm an accomplished author who can assist you in crafting your story and putting it onto the page. Let's discuss how to start and finish the story that's waiting to come out from inside you. To book a session please reach out directly.

Consultations start at $999.99

Story Consult
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