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Paul is a certified medical Qigong practitioner with over fifteen years experience as a student and teacher. Qigong is a moving meditation that can increase energy, reduce stress, and calm the mind.


5 Elements of Mind

A closed loop healing process where an internal dialogue starts from an individual’s ego, to intellect, to body, to emotions, and lastly to soul. The recipient sequentially expresses each element, which opens a full vision into the depths of these different aspects of self.


The internal manager of the identity. The element where information from the outside world enters individual consciousness. Prone to inflation or deflation, and often mistaken as the identity. The ego speaks in the language of beliefs. “I am the Ego and I believe...”


The intellect can often control the other elements to protect us from trauma. When balanced the intellect offers new insights, and can discover the reasons behind an individual’s limitations. We get smarter. The Intellect speaks in the language of assumptions. “I am the intellect and I assume...”


If there is discomfort in the body there is a tendency to ignore those sensations. We all want to feel good inside our bodies, this process provides an avenue for the recipient to sense, feel, and give a voice to the discomfort. After speaking its truth, the body can then relax. The Body speaks in the language of sensations. “I am the Body and I sense...”


Fear, anger, shame, guilt, and grief are five emotional gateways to the soul’s wisdom. Trauma tends to shut down the emotions to protect us, but as we age our emotional suppression no longer serves us. We must relearn how to truly feel. When we are balanced the emotions freely express. The Emotions speak in the language of feelings. “I am the Fear and I feel...”


The soul is the heart of personal wisdom. When a soul can’t access the personal wisdom needed to resolve issues, it can receive help from a higher cosmic consciousness and/or God to absorb new wisdom. The soul can then share that back through each element of identity. The Soul speaks in the language of knowing. “I am the Soul and I know...”

5 Elements

Inner Child

Childhood abuse and trauma often stunts healthy development and maturity. Trauma creates an inner child in need of unconditional love, healthy boundaries, and mature adult guidance. We can learn to responsibly raise our inner children into the healthy adulthood that trauma kept us from.

Learning to parent our inner child gives them the safety and the courage to have true intimacy and loving partnerships with others.

Inner Child
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